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Weeks 4–6: I spent this period doing a lot of research on what virtual reality pipeline to use. I came across a surprising amount of difficulty with this, as many of these pipelines were either deprecated, and recommended using a newer version of unity for a less bugg-ridden version, or they didn’t support the VR headset I was trying to utilise for this project. Shown here are the first two mechanical things I experimented with — The moving and socketing of objects, and the “spread” of the virus. Originally, the above pickup design was intended for one of my previous concepts, that got dropped within the first few weeks.
Weeks 7–10: I spent some time here building a level (below) and working with shaders (above). The shader above eventually got dropped from the build of the project as it couldn’t be displayed properly with the multiple cameras of a VR headset, so instead I created static water to replace it. If I had more time, I would’ve loved to spend the time researching how to adapt this kind of shader to work in a VR pipeline.
Weeks 10 Onwards: At this point I focused on getting the mechanics of locking down areas working, through the use of a “Cage” object that can be socketed onto structures (seen on the left), And the spread of the virus between structures. Above this to the right you can see the introduction of trees that utilise a basic wind shader to make the area feel more lively, and the addition of some initial terrain made with ProBuilder. Much of the other models below such as the houses were unity asset store assets, as I’m not a 3D modeller personally.
Seen above: the replacement water I went with. It’s a shame that I couldn’t get the shader water working in time, but it was good practice with shaders nonetheless.
Naturally some things broke every now and then. This amusing bug was cuased by rigidbodies colliding in an odd manner on the rings that spread the disease.




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